This time it’s dad。

“dad,what happened?”
Fang Yu said to himself。
“You kid……I went to work and never came back on weekends。Did you forget that we are both old??”
Fang Deyun coldly hummed。
I feel a bit of blame。
“dad……I’m not busy these days。No time……”
Fang Yu helpless。
“Your mother said……Take your girlfriend back to sit down。Did you meet in-law??”
Fang Deyun asked。
“This one……Have seen……But we haven’t got a glimpse of Bazi,Dad, don’t worry!”
Fang Yu muttered。
“Not in a hurry……Are you free today?Or come back……There is an uncle here who doesn’t want to go to the hospital,I can’t cure it again,Come over and see what’s going on!”
Fang Deyun said。
“Row,I’ll come over now!”
Fang Yu helpless。
If someone else,Fang Yu probably refused。
But this is dad,Fang Yu can’t say a word!
Sigh lightly,Hurried back to Fang’s drugstore。

Because I called the village chief Lu Hao beforehand。So when the three of them walked into the village committee office,Lu Hao is cooking。

“Chief Lu!How are things going?We must get this done today”Yao Junli is straight to the point,Directly to Lu Hao。
Lu Hao smiled and said:“done!The people who came to participate in the contract this time except our village cadres,In addition, more than ten villager representatives were selected,Among them is He Yumei”
“it is good!Then let everyone come here quickly,We signed the contract earlier,Transfer money in early。The villagers can also take the money to buy the New Year goods”Xia Jian laughed and said。
Lu Hao is also very happy,Pick up the phone and dial。He doesn’t need to broadcast,Because of his scruples。Alarmed the villagers,That’s not a joke。
Didn’t wait long,All the people who came to sign up。It can be said to be men, women and children,No less than twenty people。
As the land price is negotiated in advance,So there is nothing controversial。Xia Jian asked Lin Wei to print,And they signed,The cooperative that built the company gave Lu Hao,Lu Hao gave it to others after reading it carefully。
Everyone circulated the contract in triplicate,It took more than half an hour。Because some village representatives,Not much literacy,It’s really a bit troublesome to look at such a contract。
He Yumei can’t sit still,She said loudly:“You guys are really wordy,What does this contract look like。As long as the land price,Number of places,There is no problem with the lease term,It’s done。See other things,It’s really useless”
“village head!No one in this town,Can this contract be signed?”A villager asked not worryingly。
Without waiting for Lu Hao to speak,He Yumei has rushed to speak:“You’re not a fucking man?This is our Murakami business,What do you want to take care of in town?Do you think there is too much money to put,Want to give town?Just turn in your share”
“Just,Things in our village,We can do it ourselves,Besides, all the villagers agreed to sign this matter.。I think this is the best thing our village has done,So don’t be afraid”Someone stood up,Said emotionally。
Lu Hao smiled:“very good!I’ll sign and seal it。Get this done sooner,The money arrives earlier,If I could send it to everyone a year ago,Some people who need money in a hurry,Isn’t it just right!”
What Lu Hao said,Everyone who is sitting follows,This matter is passed。He took out the official seal of the village committee,Grilled on the fire,He covered it fiercely。
Once the contract is signed,Everyone shook hands and said goodbye。When Xia Jian and the three of them first walked out of the village committee,,A black Santana rushes,Stopped in front of them。
The door opens,Feng Boyuan, the deputy mayor of Chengnan Town, got out of the car。His face is very ugly,He shouted at Lu Hao, who was standing at the gate of the village committee:“Chief Lu!What do you want to do?Is there any organization concern??”
“Yo!Isn’t this Mayor Feng??Why are you so angry??Last time I asked you to solve the big hole in the wasteland,But you just ran away,Is there any new explanation for us villagers??”Without waiting for Lu Hao to speak。He Yumei rushed out of the house,She asked Feng Boyuan loudly。
Which villager representatives,Not vegetarian,They immediately surrounded Feng Boyuan。Feng Boyuan shook his hands and said:“Don’t make trouble!I’m discussing something important with Village Chief Hao。As for which piece of land,That’s a legacy of history”

Especially the ancient wind,The face changed in a moment,Become pale。

He has come to Qinghai for a while.,A few times with summer confrontation,But there is no one in the wind。
These are not the most important,Important is the terrible war,And hidden in the secret。
Jiangnan Meng Jiaqiang is not strong?
It is not to kill Meng Chaoran by the people in front of him.,So far, Meng Ma is still indifferent.。
Jiangnan women’s first rich season is not strong?At the same time, the armor was killed by the people in front of him.。
As for those of Qinghai local,It is even more in the other part.。
These days,The ancient wind has been under secret investigation summer,But useful information is not much。
and many more。
Ancient wind is shocked。
Just now, the girl said,Her brother will come to save her,Rate
Think here,The forehead of the ancient wind is dropped cold sweat.,Mental fast flow,Sistegration。
Just he did not see the white pie.。
At this moment, he bite his teeth.,Endless。
Just yesterday,He was humiliated on the scene of this guy,Your bodyguard is more interrupted,And he is directly unplugged,Throw it on the street。
“Dog hybrid!”He bite his teeth to spit out three words,The eyes of the eyes are extremely,“I am still can’t find you.。”
Yunno is also watching summer,Tears swim in the eyelid,I can’t help but,I am going out in an instant。
immediately,She yet,Grievances,“Summer brother”
Summer is like lightning strikes,Whole stiffness is on the spot。
He looked at Yun Ino’s tears,Looking at her two odds。
Looking at the two deaths and death catch her bodyguards。
Looking at Jiao Fei standing on the ground。
The anger burst into the inner heart, the brain,Double eyes are filled with blood,Burnt red eyes。
Take a big step!
One of the bodyguards is cold.,When you release the Yunno,Block in front。
It’s still like a ghost-like residual。
Someone present in the field only feels in front of it.。
Go see again,Summer is already a bodyguard nearby。
This bodyguard response is still keen,Dangerous instinct can make him consciously raise your arms。
Only listen to the two flesh and meat,Two wrists have been smashed。
Summer double arm,Ten fingers of both hands are like steel constant,A twisted。
The bodyguard’s arms are immediately to reverse。
Frightened expression,The appearance on the bodyguard face,Can’t come,I saw the summer’s hands on the summer.,His shoulders。

Chapter 14 I told you,Why don’t you listen

Wang Teng slowly raised his head to look at him,Even not taking these too seriously。
After all these things,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,Didn’t think there would be anything。
“right now,I use these people to practice hands,Look at my Wing Chun,What’s going on!”
As Wang Teng thought about these things in secret,Now,Wang Teng slowly raised his head and stared at him。
See here,at this time,In front of Wang Teng,The person in front of him who is about to shoot him。
This person has not had time to react at all,Wang Teng’s fist,Has fallen on him。
at this time,The person in front of you,Even fly out directly,Fell heavily on the ground,I haven’t been relieved for a long time。
See here,Wang Teng said coldly:“It looks like,your people,It’s not that great。”
Jiang Ya also found these,Especially now。
Wang Teng copes with ease,Can’t tell at all,Something wrong。
Just surpass the natural control ability,Actually, it’s not something ordinary people can do。
So for this,In fact, it looks like Jiangya,Wang Teng said that before,Actually, it’s not aimless。
“It seems,I think too much。”
Jiang Ya subconsciously saw this,I’m thinking about it here secretly in my heart。
But now,Actually these are not the most important。
in fact,Look at Jiang Ya,Deep in her heart,I feel more and more。
Current words,So many people here,Can Wang Teng be able to cope well??

Liao Wenjie truthfully,Run your hand to provoke the chin of the princess of the jade:“No need to be sad,Time will prove,You don’t have the wrong person,Eye is also accurate,So many monsters,At a glance, I will pick me.,You are really lucky.。”

“not me,It is a king of the Niu Dey。”
“what,Your little gum,Just thousands of times,How suddenly began to be a mouth?”
Liao Wenjie:“Finally give you a chance,I am not old cow,If you are not willing,I will never force。Receive you to make a side of tea,There is no peace in the future,Remember your beauty and home monsters,Directly report my name。”
Have a good time to listen,You take the handle.!
Yucai princess closed his eyes,Hustle:“Fu Jun doesn’t have to tease it.,Maybe you are a lovely monster,But the Niu Dey is not,He is in a bad heart,if only……As long as my unfortunate, I can ruin his happiness.,Everything doesn’t matter。”
Liao Wenjie took a breath of cold,Dark road old cow this wave of help,no,What is the sorrowful understanding of the princess of jade?,What a terrible desperate,Old Niu is really harmful。
Unlike him,Will only give the hand uniteless fox to blew a helping hand。
This,Listening to people,I don’t seem to be a toolman.,In addition to revenge,The rest of the fart。
Pooh,Who can’t stand?!
Liao Wenjie raises his hand on his face,First expose the original look:“Princess,The last final gives you a chance,If you are not willing,I will never force,Guaranteed to give you no reason。”
“Husband,I have finally said the last thing.……”
Jade face princess slowly opened his eyes,See the small white face of the eyebrows in front of the clear,The little mouth is slightly stunned,Recreated cheek micro-red removal,Sly:“How can I do?,All Dynastus。”
Liao Wenjie:(one`one)
Shiyan hide is close,I also said that some sounds are soft and soft.,I am angry with him.,Hot blood,Take a while。
The fact is once again proven,Colored woman,Turning a look,Get the opposite surface‘She likes me.’Illusion。Change to a man,Handsome,Don’t talk about it.,Breathing will be used as a seduce。
Liao Wenjie is deeply harmed,I also know this truth, I don’t understand this.,Even the objects to find a tone is difficult。
Since this,I don’t waste time.。
He seized the hand of the jade face,Get up towards the bed:“correct,I have forgotten someone to tell you.,My surname,Famous Wenjie,When you are crying later,Don’t shout the wrong name。”
Jade face princess small struggle,Looking down behind Liao Wenzhao:“Husband,sky……Sky is still early,You have an ambus。”
“Um,This idiom is good,Will talk about this book。”
Liao Wenjie,手 手 手 公 公,Then……
—————Forget it,Speed limit—————
Life is high,Unscrupulous。
Several squadrons are patrolling lantern patrolling,By the way, find a cow fragrance that you don’t know.,According to the princess of the iron fan,Niu Xiangxiang is not twisted because there is no worship,I don’t know where to run sigh.,I want to be in the city.。
There are too many things in the wedding today.,Niu Deyu Wang Xue knows that his sister is wronged,What is herself?,I personally take a low-key search.。
Quietly,Do not speak,So it’s just a joke。
In the corner of unattended wall,Two wretched people in the grass,Two short whistle,Pass some kind of non-maribeless signal。
Pig eight rings and sand。
During the day,Two people want to exchange over the top of the treasure face,Naihe monkey is too hunting,Three layers of three layers outside the monster of the soul,The quantity is comparable to the 牛 虱,Two people turned for a long time,I can’t take it.。
no way,Can only borrow black as cover,Call in the in-line in the team。
“Two brothers,This is two more days.,You can’t do it.,I didn’t see the master of the master for a long time.。”

“brother,This。。。Is a palace chief?”

“I’m afraid it is!”The bald god sees such a strong man and flies to the quiet place,The inner ambition can’t help being dispelled。
In the rainbow,Naturally Wright。Of course Wright has already used Concealed Leaf at this moment,Changed breath,At the same time, the skin is slightly distorted on the body,Appearance also changed。
From the dusk country to the quiet place,Even at his speed, he has been able to catch up for more than ten years,The deity has no rest at all,Fortunately, he can stand this level。
And these ten years,Wright’s two god clones in the God Realm of Life are still in cultivation。But just over 30 years,His overall strength has not improved much,It’s the fire law that combines three kinds of mysteries。
“Spent ten years,Finally arrived!”Wright stopped,From afar,A piece of land appeared dimly far away:“Finally arrived in the quiet place。”
A place of silence,The place where the palace-level powerhouses who participated in the war of the dark gods gather,There are 36 silent castles。And the owners of these silent castles,Lord of Silence。
In hell,Is the purgatory leader;In the underworld,Lord of Jiuyouyu。And on the plane of the dark god,Then‘Silent Castle Lord’。of course,Different names,But the meaning is the same。On status,On strength,These Silent Castle masters are comparable to the palace masters of other provinces,Strength reaches the level of the five laws of fusion。
Of course the purgatory leader is108Bit,Lord Jiuyou is81Bit,And the number of powerhouses on the Dark God plane is much smaller,There are only 36 people in total。
36 Silent Castles,Arrange according to certain rules,It happens to form a pentagram representing the Dark God plane。
“A place of silence,A gathering place for the strong in the Dark God plane!”Wright at high altitude,See the island land far away。
A place of silence,And purgatory in hell,The Nine Netherlands of the Underworld Zhang,Many militant powerhouses arrived here,They are not inferior,They are warlike。And countless years,Thirty-six castles in Silent Land means there can only be at most 36 Silent Castle Masters。These Silent Castle Lords are naturally the best among the highest gods。
Wright’s enemy‘Secret King·James’Just take refuge in someone‘Silent Castle Lord’。
The reason why Wright found a hidden treasure,Just to prevent James from knowing about his arrival,And hide directly in the silent castle。

Subsequent,BeSKTOnline crystal。

InSKTThe road crystal is also declared after breaking.,IGMost of everyone,There is no intention to leave.。
Subsequent,IGEveryone directly adjusted the station.,It is aSKTThe pentaxial tower。
They have no retreat,Choosing it directlySKTBefore the pillar,And they play the last wave of war。
Yes,Everyone has already seen it.。
This wave is aboutSKTGroup warfare,It should be the last wave of games.。
I saw it.IGEveryone,distanceSKTWhen the penta tower is getting closer and closer,The audience on the screen,Also getting more and more nervous at this time。
They are also very entangled,Although this wave looksIGHave a lot of advantages,It’s almost a wave of group battles.。
But in general,The more this key moment,The more it is easy to appear on the field.。
This situation,There is no theory to confirm the inevitability of this statement.。
But some of the past data,But you can draw this summary。
so,At this timeIGLook,Already, it has been exhausted,But the audience still doesn’t relax too much.。
Not just the audience,In fact, evenIGTeams themselves,I also feel that the more it is.,The more you should maintain cautious and careful mentality。
then,Driven by this mentality,IGEveryone’s promotion footsteps,Obviously seems cautious。
At this timeSKTEveryone,It is below its own pentaxial tower.,Side of the war line,While being blindIGEveryone is always the cause of hair.。
This time,IGEveryone is also moving after a constant step.,Finally arrivedSKTIn front of the front tower。
SKTA bit tangled,This waveIGThe most critical output point,It is also the core Deli Wen in their current lineup.。
Not as good as before,Strain and output are very radical。
instead,This wave of Deli Wen is a little cautious。
And this meat tint,At this time, I have my own flesh.,Forced to stopSKTEveryone’s face。
This is very uncomfortable.。
Such a group of group warfare sticks in front of himself,It’s hard to find a chance,It is also very difficult to move this hero。
The key is,The hero of Syhen also has a certain opening ability.。
so,SKTEveryone is playing,It is also necessary to make a group of prosperous groups at any time.。
This is like a needle,I have been stabbingSKTEveryone’s heart,How can this make them uncomfortable??
But no matter what to say,SKTEven if you are uncomfortable to die,The group battle is still going to play。
They are looking for opportunities。
IGIn the process of coming over this,It will definitely gradually expose your own position.。
So their array,It will be at that time.,Keep the original solid gold soup。
When you come to that situation,That isSKTCan look for opportunities,When I went to Lielan。
SKTvery clear,This wave of Deli Wen is no flashed no treatment.。
Such a derevisor,As long as you have a little mistake,Then they have a big possibility,Can cut him。
Cute to Deli,Just waiting for a group battle that has won half。
Such situation,Also letSKTIn desperation,I have a bit of hope。

“Really troublesome!”Leo spit out,Regarding the sale of Higan flowers to Tianlongren,He actually wanted to wait for the Weibull issue to be resolved before starting。

But now meeting the empress has started ahead of time。
of course,The advantages outweigh the disadvantages,After all, there is one more senior thug,And more stable planting land。
“So I have more things to do now,Help Green Bull find fruit、Domineering、Solving Weibull,And start selling Higan Flowers!”
Leo began to summarize his problems。
Same as the summary of the battle,He will always summarize the way forward,To determine the next goal。
“Selling Higan Flower is a whole process,The strength of the Foge Chamber of Commerce is still weaker,I don’t have enough people, it seems I have to find someone to help!”
First57chapter Exchange military merit(Seeking recommendation Seeking collection)
quickly,Leo and his party returned to Chambord。
Ushered in the cheers of chamber of commerce staff,Because they received a huge amount of goods this time,A total of more than eight billion wealth,Enough for them to spend a long time。
This is the convenience of being a pirate,It’s nothing,One harvest can take a long time。
At night,The entire chamber of commerce began a huge banquet。
of course,The price is not small,The gain of 800 million removed more than 300 million in an instant。

Just Li Hui, but did not listen to him.,But directly speed acceleration,All the way bumbled, I quickly arrived at the station.。

When getting off,Qin Su Yazu has a feeling of dizziness,It’s just a moment of just a moment.。
Li Hui Looking at Qin Su Ya Ya’s body a plain blouse,Bar jeans with a pair of canvas shoes。
Even so outdown,But still can’t hide the beauty of Qin Su Yaya,Slim posture,He is even somewhat not to want to think about the fashionable clothes in the city of Qin Su, which will be beautiful.。
“sister in law,Did you eat lunch?”
Qin Su Ya has some doubts about Li Hui Feng,I don’t know why Li Hui is suddenly asked this question.。
“Hey-hey,I haven’t eaten yet.,I will go to the county.,The nephew will take me to eat together.?”
“what!Don’t you say something??”
“Yup,I have to eat first.,Don’t eat, you have no strength to walk.,Xiaoyi nephew won’t want to accompany me.?
Looking at Li Hui Feng, the sunshine smile,Qin Sui smile:“Will not,I am with you.,And I haven’t been to the county.,By the way, I want to go shopping.。”
Qin Su Ya is actually very envious of Li Cuihua on the wall when he is at home.,So beautiful,Can buy those sexy clothes,There is also a lipstick,Walking to the road to the high-heeled shoes, let her envy。
However, since she killed the husband who had just got married yet, she had never had a husband.,It is thoroughly a fox in the village population.,Harmful。
“Hey-hey,it is good,I am coming with myself.。”
soon,The bus is coming.,Qin Su Ya got a car attracted the attention of the whole car。
White skin,Beautiful face,A long hair that has just been blown,There is also Na Na’s posture to not revealed a pure beauty.。
Plus Qin Su Ya Dressed very rustic,That contrast is more。
Li Hui Hui took Qin Su Jiqi in front of the coin directly with Qin Su Ja to a seat, the seat of the window, was wrong.。
I haven’t just sitting down.,The middle-aged man behind Qin Su is, can’t help but start.。
“Beauty,Which village are you??”
Lotus flower village。”
Suddenly be a stranger,Qin Su Ya is also a bit nervous,At the same time, I can’t help but read it.,The timidity of the eyes is even more distressed.。
“Hey-hey,The little brother is also a lotus village?”
Say,The man is very politely reaching out to hold hands with Li.。
Li Hui Feng is also politeness and shaking hands.,But a moment of shaking hands,His face is not a change,Then recover, such as the beginning。
“correct,Where is this big brother??”
“Oh,I am coming to the county town.,By the way, discover if there is no beautiful beauty,Then I will find the opportunity to let the other party look at it. I have a good point, a famous star.。”
See the postcard handed over,Li Hui looked up and looked up.。
The man is written in the director,screenwriter,Producing and there is a boss of a certain film company,If you see these titles,Li Hui will definitely report the thigh,But now he is a lack of interest.。
“The big brother is still directed.,But the big brother, I feel that you are still don’t worry about the future, the female star is better.。”
Looking at the opponent’s pair of thieves constantly watching Qin Su Ya,Li speaks from the wind and talking.。
The little brother does not believe me.?
Let’s tell you.,Nowadays, a lot of red female stars are all I hold.,And I see that this beauty is also very potential to become a female star.,Do you want her to try??”
“hehe,This is my nephew,She is not interested in trying,But you still have to go to find a hospital to see your body’s hairy.,Otherwise it can be ruined.。”

Watching Zhao Hong enter the elevator,Xia Jian couldn’t help being funny。This woman can really tell the truth,He barely slept last night,It’s weird that she can sleep well。

“Go!Sit in my office“Yao Junli said,Gently pulled Xia Jian who was in a daze。
Said it was an office,Actually it has everything inside,In addition to the large comfortable sofa,There is a bed on the wall。But there is a curtain on the bed,If the curtain is pulled up,No one really knows that there is a bed inside。
It may be the reason why Yao Junli was walking in a hurry,There are a few women’s underwear beside the bed。Xia Jian is watching,Yao Junli came over and hit him and said:“Sit down!I haven’t seen it before“
Xia Jianyi reaches out,He took Yao Junli into his arms。I haven’t seen you this time,He found that this woman became more and more sexually charming,Let him have an uncontrollable urge。
Yao Junli gently twisted her body in Xia Jian’s arms and said:“how?You are eating in a bowl,Looking in the pot,By the way, I stretched the chopsticks into another bowl and clamped it,What do you want?“
“I just want to“Xia Jianyan smiled,I set off Yao Junli’s short skirt。
Woman screamed,Xia Jian crawled on the edge of the bed。For a time,If the big office,It was filled with the heavy breathing of men and women,From time to time, there is a mixture of women’s ecstasy*sound。
At noon,Two people got up from the bed。Yao Junli packs her clothes,While calling the restaurant。
“Do you want to invite us to dinner??“Xia Jian asked with a long yawn。
Yao Junli smiled and said:“of course,To my site,I’m afraid I can’t live without the friendship of the landlord!Go upstairs and call Zhao Hong down,Let’s have a potluck together,The restaurant is on the third floor“
Xia Jian gets dressed,Hurried upstairs,He first opened his room,Looked inside,Then I knocked on Zhao Hong’s door。After a while, Zhao Hong rubbed his eyes and opened the door,She said coldly:“You busy you,leave me alone“